I am an interaction designer in the broadest sense. Sketching, programming, prototyping and user research are tools I use to ensure a complete and beautiful design emanate from an idea.


Web app

Bodegaklubben is a web app that suggests the nearest, cheapest or smokiest bodega to go to in your neighbourhood, in Copenhagen.

Audio visual type

Web app

Audio visual type is about experiencing typefaces and typographic attributes in a different way — through sound.

The Audio visual type website is a place for exploring and finding inspiration on how to think about this “wrapping” of text. Throughout the site one can see and hear the effect typography has on text.


User interface design

GrassBots is a research project about robot technology in farming. Lowland areas and other marginal areas form a huge and currently unused resource of biomass for the biogas and bio refinery industry.


Web app

Bouncer is a simple browser game. It combines the idea of a musical sequence with basic geometry.

There are four sides to a rectangle and most western music has the time signature of 4/4. This makes a ball bouncing inside a rectangle resemble tones playing in a musical motif. As for now the game works only in Safari.

Type tweak


Type tweak is an installation that enables the user to control both sound and input text via a simple interface.

Basic parameters in sound are mapped to the equivalent in type. E.g. volume in sound follows text size.


Visual identity

TAG DEL is a platform where organisations and companies can challenge citizens to solve a problem.

Niels Christian Konrad Nielsen – 2015